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Build the Grantmakers impact measurement capacity. Sopact empowers changemakers to measure, manage, and maximize their impact potential.

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Innovative Solutions to build impact measurement capacity for grantmakers is critical for making informed decisions and driving sustainable change. Sopact's Impact Measurement is a robust solution that provides an innovative approach for measuring, managing, and maximizing impact potential. This section explores three critical features.

Level 1: For Early or Mid-Stage Grantee Impact Capacity

Sopact's Impact Measurement solution empowers grantmakers and foundations to build their impact measurement capacity. With our platform, organizations can collaborate, design logic models, collect data, and gain deep insights into their programs to make informed decisions and drive sustainable change. Our Level 1 program is designed specifically for early and mid-stage grantees, providing actionable guidance and designing logic models and data strategies to develop a strong impact strategy. This enables organizations to collect data, gain insights, and make data-driven decisions to maximize their impact potential and attract funding.


Our innovative approach to collaboration enables nonprofits, impact funds, foundations, internal stakeholders, external stakeholders, collective impact initiatives, and impact practitioners to work together toward driving sustainable change. We offer 100+ libraries from various sectors such as education, healthcare, DEI, Education, Public Healthcare, Agriculture, Energy, WASH, and many more, enabling organizations to access knowledge and resources to drive sustainable change.

Actionable guidance and AI Driven

Our platform provides actionable guidance for designing a logic model, data strategy, and dashboard, making it easy for organizations to make informed decisions based on real-time data. Our AI-driven approach recommends effective SMART, IRIS+ metrics, data tables, and data design, making it easy for organizations to make informed decisions based on real-time data.


Sopact's Impact Accelerator offers an independent certification program that evaluates an organization's impact strategy, data collection methods, data analysis, and reporting practices. Organizations that successfully complete our certification process receive a Sopact Impact Certified badge to showcase their impact to stakeholders, investors, and donors.

Level 2: Build Data Management Capacity

Sopact's Level 2 program is designed for growth-stage social enterprises looking to scale their impact and raise seed or Series A capital. This program is ideal for organizations where impact data evidence is critical to impact investors. Our program provides organizations with advanced impact data collection, analysis, and reporting capabilities. This enables organizations to demonstrate the effectiveness of their impact strategy, showcase their impact potential, and attract investors interested in making a meaningful difference in the world.

Advanced-Data Collection: Flexible and Convenient Data Collection

Sopact's Impact Accelerator offers advanced data collection capabilities, including online and offline data collection via WhatsApp, SMS, and scheduled data tracking. This provides organizations with a flexible and convenient way to collect data, making it easier to measure their impact potential.

Seamless and Unified Data Integration: Real-Time and Cohesive Data Management

Our platform seamlessly integrates data from various sources, including Survey, XLS, Google Sheets, and Salesforce, creating a cohesive system for data collection. This enables real-time data connection and ensures data consistency and reliability, enabling organizations to efficiently and accurately analyze their data.

In-Depth Insights and Data-Driven Decision: Deep Insights for Impact Optimization

Sopact's Impact Accelerator offers an advanced business intelligence and visualization platform that provides in-depth insights into an organization's programs. This enables data-driven decision-making and impact optimization, helping organizations to make informed decisions and achieve their impact potential.

Streamline your own Impact Dashboard through these steps:

Impact Framework

With our AI-driven Impact Strategy, you can leverage our extensive library of hundreds of industry templates to personalize and tailor them to meet your organization's needs. Whether you're building SMART metrics for mission-driven purposes, aligning with custom metrics, or standard metrics for foundation reporting, our strategy is just the beginning. The real value of our approach lies in our ability to guide you towards the best data collection strategy and dashboard plan to impress and engage funders, even before data collection begins.

Impact strategy
Impact Metrics

Impact investors must prioritize aligning their impact frameworks with investees to drive positive change. Our state-of-the-art platform simplifies this process by utilizing an AI-based recommendation engine that leverages IRIS+ metrics and SMART metrics for investees. In addition, this collaborative platform allows investors and investees to actively comment on and agree upon appropriate metrics, ensuring a tailored and cohesive impact measurement strategy.

Recognizing the diverse needs of impact funds, our platform offers the flexibility to customize metrics based on the size of the fund and its thematic focus. Investors can aggregate standard metrics across their portfolios or develop theme-specific and investee-specific metrics. This adaptability empowers investors to create comprehensive and versatile impact measurement strategies, optimizing the impact of their investments across various portfolios and themes.

Impact Data Collection

As your organization grows, you may find that different fund or program managers collect impact data in various systems. However, there's no need to worry. Our Impact Cloud platform is an advanced and user-friendly solution that allows you to collect data from multiple sources such as Google Spreadsheets, MS Excel, Sopact surveys, other survey platforms, or even Salesforce. Collect your data, which will show up in Impact Cloud in real time, where you can easily aggregate common, program-specific, and company or project-specific indicators.  

Impact Data Collection
Impact Survey

 Our business intelligence platform, Impact Cloud, offers advanced real-time connectivity and ease of surveying. You can collect data through various methods such as offline and online modes, SMS, WhatsApp, longitudinal tracking, and scheduled campaigns. Additionally, our platform enables data simulation and generates automated reports.

Nonprofit Survey

Impact Analytics

Impact Data Analytics collects, cleans, transforms, and aggregates data from various sources to comprehensively understand an impact investment organization's operations. This includes measuring the impact of programs, tracking project outcomes, evaluating employee performance, understanding causality between programs and outcomes, and making data-driven decisions about resource allocation. Nonprofit data analytics provides valuable insights that help organizations improve their impact on their communities, despite being time-consuming for data analysts and teams.

Our promise:

  • Want to join two data sources to calculate retention metrics longitudinally?  No worries
  • Need last-minute data clean-up? Easy
  • Want to change a label in your dataset that you don’t like? Done
  • Have a custom scoring methodology?  Do it in minutes
  • Collect data in one language and want to report in another
Nonprofit Data charts and visualizations


Data visualization and analysis platform that provides its users with a wide range of chart capabilities. Some chart types can be created using hundreds of chart possibilities, such as bar charts, line charts, scatter plots, area charts, heat maps, pie charts, and more.

Users can customize these charts by selecting different types, colors, fonts, and design elements. They can also add filters, groupings, and drill-down functionality to create interactive dashboards.


Impact Dashboard
  • Impact  Dashboard can measure progress and impact by tracking real-time metrics.
  • It can improve decision-making by providing comprehensive data on program performance and resource allocation.
  • It can increase transparency and accountability by sharing performance data with stakeholders, such as donors, board members, and staff.

Nonprofit KPI Dashboard

Our promise:

  • 100+ Advanced visualization and integrated on data warehouse
  • Provide an advanced architecture that personalizes databases and dashboards based on growing program team needs
  • Help you configure each team's data store and data analysis based on organizational rules
  • Publicly share dashboard 
Impact Reporting

Our platform enables effective data communication within your organization, allowing you to share progress and outcomes with boards, staff, and supply chain partners to build trust.

With our easy-to-use tools, you can create visualizations and dashboards highlighting important metrics, keeping everyone informed and engaged toward your organization's goals.

Our platform provides a powerful tool for data-driven decision-making and building stakeholder trust.

Impact Communication



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